COVID-19 Accelerates Azure Adoption Among Customers

September 11th, 2020 by admin

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EASTHAMPTON, MA - Hogan Technology, a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), announced today that the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically increased the forecasted demand for cloud solutions among SMBs, even beyond what most were expecting. Due largely to the increased need for Work-FromHome (WFH) solutions, SMBs are investing heavily in the cloud, through services like Microsoft Azure, to equip their organizations with the virtualization solution necessary to take their businesses to the next level. As a result, Hogan Technology is helping more and more SMBs transition their onpremise IT network to Microsoft's Azure.

It's no secret that most businesses have shifted their operations to hybrid environments, if not fullyremote, and as that shift has occurred the corresponding increase in demand for cloud IT has also grown. According to the 2020 State of the Cloud Report, by Flexera, "50% of SMBs are expecting their cloud usage to be higher than planned due to COVID-19." Whether a business owner decides to embrace this tech or not is more of a moot point, because it's highly likely that in the very near future their clients, customers, suppliers and prospects will all be utilizing this technology and they will eventually be using it, too, to remain relevant.

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