Hogan Technology has been offering VoIP services since its inception. We provide our customers the right product and service that not only saves them money, but also increase productivity.

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When It Comes To Cyberattacks, Prevent, Detect, and Respond

Over the course of my time as a business owner, I've been asked many times, "what keeps you up at night?" In the early days, I would have said "payroll, employees, and sales," and maybe not necessarily in that order. Today my answer would be "cybersecurity."

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Learn how Hogan helped the Springfield Thunderbirds implement a comprehensive phone, Internet and computer solution without the hassle of dealing with multiple companies.

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Alternate Text Todd has been putting fires out at Hogan for 30 years. When he's not at Hogan he puts out fires for the Palmer Fire Department.

Why call 3 companies to fix 1 problem?

Technology is becoming more integrated with all aspects of your business. It can be difficult and frustrating dealing with multiple partners when you have an issue with your technology. Don’t get caught in the middle of the finger pointing between technology providers.

One call to Hogan Technology and we can assist you with our full breadth of service that will meet all your technology needs. We can manage your voice & data networks, provide you with desktop & server support, and even help get the most out of your voice & internet services.

We manage and support all the technology in your business. Starting with infrastructure, management of your data, along with your hosted cloud telephony services. By doing this, we are able to increase your profitability and give you a competitive advantage by managing and deploying the proper service for you.

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